Lodge Sportsman L410 Cast Iron Charcoal Grill

Lodge Sportsman L410 Cast Iron Charcoal Grill

I fell in love with the Lodge Sportsman Grill In the 1980's because it was my first experience with a cast iron charcoal grill. Although the grill is small, and goes by other names such as Hibachi or tabletop grill, the heat it puts out gives me the opporutunity to grill more with less charcoal. It is easy to transport and fun to use. I usually have a slab of marble that I get from a hardware store to put on the bottom so as to not burn anything. I love to use the Lodge Sportsman Cast Iron Charcoal Grill so much that I have two fo them. The grill for me is consistent in it's cooking ability and by adding a small smoker box inside, I can smoke meats and vegetables to give them a flavor no one else can compare to.

Product Description

The Lodge Sportsman Cast Iron Charcoal Grill weighs 38 pounds so it's not for those who don't have a passion for grilling. You also have to wait at least an hour for it to cool down so as to not burn anything it comes in contact with. In other words, this is a grown folks grill. It has improved my grilling skills though. Whenever I get on a bigger grill, I am more aware of my cooking times, effecient use of space and how to use the grill more effeciently.
Take the Lodge Cast Iron Charcoal Grill tailgating, camping, or use on the patio with the Walnut Grove BBQ Set that includes stainless steel tongs, grilling fork, and spatula, all with wooden handles, and a durable folding canvas carrying case that doubles as an apron. Set also features the unique Pig Tail Food Flipper and Vic Firth Pump & Grind mills. There aren't many cast iron charcoal grills on the market but this onewill make you proud whenever you use it.

Product Features 

  • Lodge Sportsman Cast Iron Charcoal Grill
  • Pinnacle Leed's Walnut Grove 4 Piece BBQ Set
  • Pig Tail Food Flipper
  • Vic Firth Pump & Grind Pepper & Salt Mills
  • 2ea Vic Firth Pump & Grind Holster
I would suggest you have the Lodge Sportsman Cast Iron Charcoal grill in your collection. It's a great back-up grill, great for 2-4 people and the foods you grill on it will taste great.

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