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It was in 1952 that George Stephen Sr., who lived in Mount Pleasant, Illinois, decided that he was fed up with his brazier's uneven and uncontrollable flames.He loved to grill in the backyard so he decided to build a grill of his own liking. He decided to build a grill with a cover on it so all those like him who liked to grill could do it in all kinds of weather. Mr. Stephan was not only an employee at Weber Brothers Metal Works, he was also part owner. This company, based in Chicago, made custom sheet metal half spheres that they then welded together to make buoys for the waters of lake Michigan. One day he decided to split open one of the buoys and make a dome shaped grill with a domed lid. This was the birth of the classic Weber Kettle Grill. Mr. Stephan's neighbor dubbed the new concoction "Sputnik". As word traveled of George's new invention, the demand for his bbq grill became so great that he couldn't keep up with the orders.

Since the Weber grill became so successful after he began selling it in 1952, Mr. Stephen decided to form a barbecue division of the Weber Brothers company. By the late 1950's, Stephen bought out the Weber Brothers factory and claimed the company for himself. His new passion now created for him a business that he could dedicate his time to building and selling the new Weber Kettle Grill. After awhile, Mr. Stephen decided to change the name to Weber-Stephen Products Company.

Coming into the 1960's and 70's, Weber became popular beyond the confines of the Midwest and became a nationally recognized brand name. Weber Kettle Grills were sold in retail markets all over the United States. The grill was so well received by the public that you didn't have to say grill any more. all you had to say was Weber and every one knew what you meant. Over the years, I noticed a lot of companies trying to copy the Weber Charcoal Grill. This is, of course said to be the highest form of compliment. do not be fooled by the look. Look for the Weber brand name. I have come to know the feel of a Weber Charcoal Grill just by picking it up. It always says, high quality my friend.

By the late 1980's, Weber opened it's first Weber Grill Restaurant in Wheeling, Illinois. After that, three more were opened. Weber -Stephen Products also bought assets in Ducane Company so now the Ducane grills carry the Weber Seal of Approval. Of course, the Weber itself is not a cast iron charcoal grill like the grill on the next page, but you can find cast iron grill grates on this page that will fit the Weber Kettle Charcoal grill perfectly.

Where's The BBQ Cast Iron Charcoal Grill?

I have noticed that there are a few companies that have taken advantage of the fact that Weber may not have been doing it's homework. When you have a product like Weber Kettle Charcoal Grills, You must understand that all kinds of people like to use it, but they need versatility in their grills. People want to smoke meats, but everyone doesn't have the luxury of buying one of those cumbersome or expensive grills or smokers. They also want something that can give them professional looking marks on their grilled meats. They also want a grill they can take with them to outdoor events and activities. I believe it's just in a mans nature to want to cook outdoors. What do you think? The Weber Charcoal Kettle Grill is great for this because it is transportable. Now I personally like my grill grates to be cast iron. Cast iron holds heat longer than steel or aluminum and gets a higher temperature, hence better marks and better searing. Honestly speaking, as far as grilling is concerned, it doesn't get any better that cast iron grill grates. Like it's first cousin, the cast iron skillet, food just cooks and tastes better on cast iron. I grew up on cast iron cookware and as an Executive chef, I've used some of the best cookware known to man as far as professional cookware is concerned. I always come back to cast iron cookware for my own personal use. It's one of the cheapest and best heirlooms and will  last from generation to generation if taken care of properly. Now you can add cast iron grill grates to the Weber Kettle Grill. It's long overdo as i have been searching for this for years and am quite embarrassed that I didn't solve this problem myself. One of the things I just didn't like about the Weber Kettle Charcoal Grill was those stainless steel grates. They never seared like I wanted them to, they cooled down to fast and they could bend with a little careless handling. Now I have no excuse and neither should you. When you purchase the Weber OneTouch Gold Charcoal Grill, the Smokenator 1000 which Transforms 22-inch Weber Kettle's Into Smokers,and the cast iron grill grates, you have the ultimate versatility you need in a grill at a fraction of the cost. You also have great quality. You'll be so happy with this combination you may even want to have a bbq cook-off in your neighborhood where nothing but the Weber Kettle Charcoal grill and these accessories are used.

Review Of Weber Cast Iron Charcoal Grill

Weber's One-Touch Gold kettle grill is a great buy for anyone looking for a classic model with a few convenient extras. The design is sleek. The results are delicious. As with all Weber grills, this kettle's lid and bowl are constructed of premium porcelain-enameled steel--which means not only does heat radiate evenly, but the grill will survive if it's left out in the rain. The cooking surface (22-1/2 inches in diameter) is big enough to accommodate six large steaks, twice as many burgers, or up to a dozen kebabs, and the grill's classic kettle shape keeps flare-ups to a minimum.
When designing this grill, Weber clearly kept convenience in mind. The grill's nickel-plated grate has two built-in hinged side openings that make adding more charcoal briquettes easy and safe, and, when the lid's not in use, it can hang from the bowl by a handy hook. The grill is durable, too. The porcelain-coated steel bowl and lid are exceptionally strong and designed never to rust, fade, or peel. The grill's aluminum vents and ash catcher won't rust either, and its tripod base, nylon handles, and all-weather wheels--besides being exceptionally sturdy--make the grill remarkably easy to maneuver. Weber's patented One-Touch cleaning system--a clever setup of lever-activated blades--sifts ash out of the kettle and into a cooking-pot-shaped ash catcher. You never have to get your hands dirty--and emptying the kettle takes only a few seconds.
To top it all off, Weber throws in a 31-page owner's guide filled with cooking tips and time-tested recipes for grilling everything from pork chops to bratwurst to Cornish hens.

Weber Kettle Cast Iron Charcoal Grill

Product Features:

  • Heavy-gauge porcelain enamel prevents rust
  • One-Touch stainless steel cleaning system and sweeper system
  • Removable high capacity ash catcher
  • Hinged cooking grate for easy re-fueling
  • 10 year limited warranty

Cast Iron Grill Grate 

  • Cast Iron gives off a more even heat and holds it far longer than steel - great for amazing grill marks/sears
  • Seasoned Cast Iron Grates provide a non stick cooking surface - brush the grate clean in seconds
  • Strong & resilient - Cast Iron Grates withstand higher temperatures than normal grates. And like other good Cast Iron product it will last a lifetime if cared for properly
  • Modular - Add griddle, hotstone and chickenseat for ultimate versatility. Steaks, Wings, Pizza and a whole grilled chicken at the same time
  • Fits Weber 22-1/2-inch charcoal kettle grills 


Smokenator 1000  Hovergrill Kit


  • Innovative kettle accessory that converts your Weber kettle grill into water smoker
  • Versatile, expands the use of your 22" Weber Kettle
  • Perfect for Holidays - Smoke a 25 Pound Turkey, or 15 lbs of ribs or 7 chicken halves!
  • Water Pan Location assures high humidity in kettle food won't dry out!
  • Includes: Smokenator 1000 Baffle, Hovergrill, Water Pan, Skewer, Instructions


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